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May 24, 2016

The Cocoon.

Yes, I realise how slack I've been with this blog! Yet, no time like the present .

I wrote this 'piece' a year, maybe two, ago. I was just in that sort of mood. Not knowing what to do with it ... until now. It seems most appropriate to post after the May 24th 2016 channelling.


Tightly compact … with little space to breathe … I try to sit patiently inside my cocoon.

Somewhere deep within me ... there is a KNOWING that there is more.

 I just have to WAIT.

With each gentle pulse I FEEL myself getting ever closer to that warmth from the Light I can sometimes only feel.

For I am dozing … neither awake, nor asleep.

A numbness ensues … as I continue to breathe in a world that is not my home.

So, I remain … exactly where I am … sometimes unaware that I am moving so slowly … so as not to damage one precious part of me … gently allowing me to adjust within each breath of the process.


I AM LIFE uniquely presenting itself to itself … forever changing … forever.

The wait feels exhausting. Yet, I am unsure of exactly what I am waiting for …

Then I breathe in Love.

I breathe out Love.

I breathe in Love

I breathe out Love.

When I allow my very soul to connect in Love … a Peace comes within.

I give myself permission to surrender in that brief moment … and my heart goes home.

And in such moments I TRULY KNOW that LOVE is the answer to everything.

I know the opportunity will come … I know it.

As in birth, I gather all strength that was long forgotten … and with every part of me … I announce …



Shedding the skin that nurtured me for what seemed all lifetimes … a skin I had come to feel uncomfortable in for so very long now …

THE RUSH OF KNOWING … THE FREEDOM THE LIGHT CARRIES … THE LOVE THE LIGHT IS … Allows me to open my wings … brush them off … and

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom G. xxx

Aug 20, 2015

May 11, 2015


Please read this channelling
then watch this video.
From my heart to yours ... ENJOY!

Jan 22, 2015

Every breath you take ...


Inhale, Exhale … The breath of life is sweet.
Inhale, Exhale … You rarely miss a beat.
Inhales, Exhale … Draw Love into your Being.
Inhale, Exhale … Then feel the thing you’re seeing.
Inhale, Exhale … As Energy takes wing.
Inhale, Exhale … Allows your heart to sing.

Inhale, Exhale … And smile each time you do.
Inhale, Exhale … To find the road to you.

Inhale, Exhale … Surrender to the Light.
Inhale, Exhale … Release the wounds you fight.
Inhale, Exhale … Gives time to think anew.
Inhale, Exhale … Finds space to guide you through.

Inhale, Exhale … So easy, such a gift.
Inhale, Exhale … And vibrations you shall lift.
Inhale, Exhale … A magical manoeuvre.
Inhale, Exhale … It makes the journey smoother.

Inhale, Exhale … Removing all your pain.
Inhale, Exhale … Now do it once again.
Inhale, Exhale … Welcome in the dawn.
Inhale, Exhale … Another baby born.

Inhale, Exhale … To calm your troubled mind.
Inhale, Exhale … It relaxes, don’t you find?
Inhale, Exhale … Have not your stresses gone?
Inhale, Exhale … I could go on and on.

Inhale, Exhale … Just breathing in and out.
Inhale, Exhale … It proves without a doubt …
That to …

Inhale, Exhale … Is all you have to do …
You must

Inhale, Exhale… or that’s the end of you.
(In the flesh!).
Blossom Goodchild.
Simple, Timeless Practices
Ancient systems were developed that activate your conscious ability to receive Light. Most of these have been brushed aside in the hope of new, more powerful teachings. However, in many ways the simplicity and the clarity of the tools to expand conscious awareness remain the same. For instance, accessing the elements of subtle energy through your breath remains one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration
From one of the earliest videos by Matt Khan (The Power of Breath, 2008), this second quote:
"The breath is the delivery system for the heart's love.  It goes to the heart, picks up love and delivers it to wherever it is needed, where there is awareness of resistance, conflict, disturbed peace, etc.
Take a deep inhale, direct the breath into the heart filling the breath itself with all the Love life can offer.  Then acknowledge that the Love has been delivered with the exhale (sighing)."

Golden Rays my friends ... as we continue to
Inhale ... Exhale ....
Blossom G.

Dec 6, 2014

A chat from White Cloud.

A WHITE CLOUD AUDIO ... where he chats openly about who he is. (about 14 mins long) This was taken from a 'private session' with a gentleman visiting from Canada. It finishes abruptly as the rest of the session was personal. I am sure you will enjoy it... ... even with the atmospheric thunderstorm in the background!

Many thanks.
 Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays 
Blossom G. xxx 

Nov 15, 2014

Sharing my thoughts ...

I felt it might help some of you to know a little more about my feelings regarding the Nov 14th channelling (http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG224nov14.html ) and why this issue came up. Obviously, because it needed to!
Indulge me if you would!
It’s not that I don’t believe that I am channelling these High Beings. I have obviously questioned this many times over the years, either due to a particular email received about something they may have said … or, perhaps the issues regarding the Pillars of Light and indeed the entire Oct 14th 2008. (Yet, I have totally found my peace with that.) Many channellers that I highly respect confirmed that the Oct 14th message was not a hoax and that indeed it was due to take place. (Matthew, (Suzy Ward) being one of them) … and so I am ok with this TRUTH.

However, it is more to do with the issues of ‘The Event’, ‘The Pillars of Light’ etc. … or, at this particular time … The FOL saying quite a while back … that people would know of them by the end of 2014 … Eh Hello?
These are the things that confuse me … and yet, if I were to put those things aside and look at all that they teach, then I really think they are magnificently kind and Loving, and I honour them greatly.

Put yourself in my position, if you would for a moment. Yes, I have White Cloud speak through me, and that to some, may seem a little ‘extraordinary’. Over the years I accepted this gift and considering I was ill for 19 years, and that illness went away the minute I began channelling my Indian friend, I felt very strongly that this was a ‘mission’ for me to carry out in life.
However, due to the Oct 14th message that went viral, more or less overnight … I had no idea that I would end up in my present position. That is … many thousands of people reading my conversations with … for want of a better word … E.T’s.

I do this neither for fame nor fortune, and the very fact that so many enjoy these communications keeps me going. In one way, I look at it … that it must be Truth, otherwise, why would so many follow their teachings? The Universe provides for my needs always, in one way or another … and that too, makes me FEEL that I must be on track.
I do not ‘see’ The Federation. I do not hear them. I have a telepathic conversation with them. They speak in a different manner than I do, and often I have to ‘Google’ a word to check if it fits in with the sentence. It always does …profoundly!  THEY use a lot of words that I am only vaguely aware of!

So, are you still putting yourself in my position? Just a ‘normal’ person … making my way through life, like everyone else … apart from this ‘thing’ I seem to have going on with Light Beings.
What if it was you? What if the conversations you TRUSTED you were having with E.T’s were shared with thousands, many thousands? What if The Federation said they would bring up the issues YOU had discussed with them, in their High Council meetings? You! Your issues! How would YOU FEEL? Would YOU think it to be real? 

It’s not that I thought they were lying … I've  NEVER felt that. I just make a joke of it with friends and family … in the sense of ‘Yeah right! As if!’. Like, THEY have these Highly important Universal meetings and then say ‘Next on the agenda, that Earthling Blossom Goodchild is putting forth the needs of Earthlings once again!’  Could YOU credit that? If that was YOUR name instead of mine? And fully KNOW it was an actual reality?

I guess, when I try to sort it out in my head … I just don’t see myself as being THAT important! Would you? Do you see where I am coming from? What if The Federation were putting YOUR thoughts on ‘Showing up’ or ‘Getting on with The Event’ … to these very High powered E.T’s that OVERSEE the OVERSEERS! Would you believe it REALLY happens?

So, that’s where I have been in my head of late. Sometimes, just wondering if this is all for real? For me, it is essential that I am bringing through TRUTH … that is why I have had so many ups and downs with my relationship with them.

I KNOW DEEP DOWN, The Federation of Light are of a High vibration and the Purest Love. Over the years, I have had quite a few ‘surprising’ emails from ‘unexpected’ people who have ‘let my soul know’ on a deeper level that I indeed should carry on … and that what I am bringing through is of the Highest Truth … and these particular emails have given me such a boost of reassurance .

The energy that The Federation brought through on this last channelling, when repeatedly asking me if I believed that these issues I put forth, were brought up in their councils … took me by surprise! It was by no means telling me off … yet; THEY were ADAMANT that I answered the question. I totally understood where they were coming from, as it dawned on me HOW IMPORTANT it was … to LOOK AT this situation.
They were so right … If I only half-heartedly believed that this was the case … then there would be little point in carrying out my mission! (That’s how I felt about sending out the Oct 14th message. That’s why I had to do it! ) I hadn’t really looked at these ‘present’ matters that way.

If I think too deeply about it all, I cannot help but think ‘Why on Earth me?’ On one level I have totally accepted it … I tune in every week … and off we go. I send it out … Done!

Judging from many emails I receive, I CLEARLY am not as deep a thinker as many. My head just doesn’t go to places that many people’s seem to do.

Do I really think ships will appear in the sky? Yes, I do. Or, do I just HOPE they will? Yet, I cannot grasp the reality of it … and what would take place when they do. So, I don’t think too deeply about it. The way I look at things is … how can we KNOW until it IS taking place? I just KNOW I want it to happen!
I don’t know whether or not I may have offended some folk who read this. You may think I do not take it all seriously enough. Truly … this isn’t the case. I hope you know that! I take ‘my responsibility’ of bringing through TRUTH, very seriously indeed.

I just can’t quite get to grips with the fact it was ME that got chosen to do this, out of so many that must have volunteered! When I think about that TOO deeply … it blows my head off! So, I don’t!
I will carry on doing what I do. Yet, I KNOW this last conversation with them has ‘shifted’ something within me. I could FEEL that so strongly, as they continued to ask … in order to get the answer.  

I FELT it only fair to try and explain why it came about … and to try and let you know where I am coming from.
Hoping I have … if only a little.

Thank you all so very much for sticking with me … walking along side me … holding hands as we travel. There are so many beautiful souls who write and tell me to keep on keeping on … so I do!

Where it will lead us … who knows! Yet, I do know …. I’ll see you there!
Many thanks.
Golden Rays to you.
Blossom G.